Trail Conditions

Sawyer County Trail Condition Report 3/12/2018

An “unofficial” last trail update – will update as needed

Hello Riders!

The season just keeps hanging on! The Sawyer County trails are open and continue to be in good condition on the wooded trails. Trails in the open near and on roads, such as intersections and road connectors do have bare spots, but again there is still a lot of snow out in there in the woods! Lake Hayward does have open water and is no longer safe for riding. In addition, some reports of some open channels between the lakes on the Chippewa Flowage have come in as well, so please check in before your ride for safety and stay on the marked trail after confirming your desired ride is safe. There will be warmer temps this week that can cause other lakes to have open areas, so please check before mapping your ride. In addition to mapping your ride if you have stops at certain establishments in mind please check in with their hours of operation, we are heading into the quieter season in Northwoods with less traffic and many businesses do adjust their hours accordingly to that traffic.

2018 has been an amazing season! One we have longed for after the last couple of years...and one we all have deserved! Good things come to those who wait! We welcome back a real Northwoods winter! The wonderful thing about Sawyer County is as we have to start saying good bye to one season and activity we get to welcome back another! Sawyer County has an abundance of ATV/UTV trails as well as many, many bodies of water to fish, tour and play on! So thank you to all of you for choosing Sawyer County as your riding destination and just because the snow will start to fade the fun does not!

And a HUGE thank you to all club members, volunteers, business owners and GROOMERS! Your hard work as well as team work makes all of this fun a success!

Thank you to all club members, volunteers and groomers. And thank you to all of you for choosing Sawyer County as your riding destination.

Click here to view the full-size map!

Click here to view the full-size map!

*Trail conditions will be updated as changes occur!