Trail Conditions

Sawyer County Trail Condition Report 5/24/2018

Hello Riders!

Some exciting trail updates! Several of the new trails are open and signed! Please note many of the signs are temporary and posts will put up with the signs but for now the crew wanted to get things signed before the busy Memorial weekend!

The new trail from Chippewa Trail to B to the stop lights on Hwy 27 is open and signed! This trail will be trail number 30. From the lights the new route on 27 will not be open this weekend but you can still stay on the original trail around Windmill Square.

The new route off of B from Okler Rd to Cadillac Rd to High Line Rd to Williams Rd to Rainbow Rd is open and this route gives you access to Stone Lake and Washburn County. This will be trail #24.

On Highway K at the LCO Grocery Store to Bass Lake Town Hall is open and signed. Trail number to be determined.

All new trails are road routes so please remember to stay on the trails and obey laws. New city maps showcasing these routes will be out within two weeks.

Many have wondered with the dry weather and the high fire dangers if Sawyer County is closed like some surrounding counties; Sawyer County has not closed. Washburn is closed but they plan to open on Saturday. We have received quite a bit of rain in the last 24 hours and will be receiving more this evening and tomorrow so this has helped very much with the dust and given us some fun mud and puddles to play in!

Thank you to the club and Alliance members and volunteers for their advocating to open these new routes, fundraising for signage, those that donated towards the purchase of new signs and to the crews that went out to put sign ups!

We are season ready! Have fun out there!

Click here to view the full-size map!

Click here to view the full-size map!

*Trail conditions will be updated as changes occur!