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Sawyer County Trail Condition Report 1/17/2019

Hello Riders,

After a few more days of reports and an Alliance meeting filled with riders and business owners who have rode and/or discussed trail conditions heavily the report from everyone continues to be (their exact words) are that the trails are "surprisingly GOOD!" Everyone who has been out are all in agreement that they are pleasantly surprised with the conditions even rating them a 7.5-9 in areas of the Flowage to the north such as Moose Lake, Seeley Hills, Cable area, Lake Namakagon and beyond. This has been great news! We know that the last few times the forecast called for snow we were shorted and it did not come, they do call for a bit early next week and we would love to have that happen, however keep in mind even without you can still get out there and find some good trails, again areas from the center of the county to the north. There are some ice patches on lakes and some icy corners and some thin to bare spots near roads but much of the trails, especially the wooded ones are snow covered, flat and smooth. A wise rider did say "two feet of snow brings two foot moguls." Optimism is an attitude we get on board with! :-) While the southern part of the county has been deprived of the snow they do not report trails to be good in their area but as soon as we get more snow and those trails are good we encourage you all to ride into that area and get a taste of what the whole county has to offer, We eagerly await to change that report. Temps continue to bring cold so no major melt downs anywhere in the near future and we have our fingers crossed for some snow next week!

Also please remember ATV/UTV trails are open in Sawyer County. It can be so rare that you can enjoy both sports to its fullest at the same time in Sawyer County, usually there is lots of snow and it makes great snowmobile trails and yet harder to ride the ATV/UTV trails or vice versa. So these trail conditions are great for both enthusiasts! And if you have never seen the north woods in the winter now is the time to take in the breathtaking sights and the beautiful stillness winter brings to the trails! Not to mention the activity of some of the wild life that brave the weather such as the deer, they are easier to spot and really moving in the winter months. It brings such a serenity to ride the trails on a brisk day and see the deer calmly standing just into the woods.

We will continue to report any updated information as we receive it. Thank you to all club members, volunteers and to you for making Sawyer County your riding destination!

Click here to view the full-size map!

Click here to view the full-size map!

*Trail conditions will be updated as changes occur!