Trail Conditions

Sawyer County Trail Condition Report 6/19/2018

Hello Riders!

Just to update after speaking with the Sawyer County Forestry Dept, again all Sawyer County ATV/UTV trails are open and there have been no reportsof major trail damage. Some trees down, some branches, some minor washouts but clubs and volunteers have been and will continue to address those issues. We do still encourage all to ride with caution.

Bayfield County is continued to be temporarily closed due to the storm and water damage. Thoughts with them as they continue to recover.

No other surrounding counties have reported to be closed. We will continue to update as further information comes in.

Thank you to all those that have gone out and worked hard at repairing trails and addressing issues to keep us safe.

Click here to view the full-size map!

Click here to view the full-size map!

*Trail conditions will be updated as changes occur!