Trail Conditions

Sawyer County Trail Condition Report 2/23/2017

Hello Riders,

Last night Mother Nature decided to give us a taste of each season in a ten minute span! A little rain, snow, hail, thunder, February! Today, the Sawyer County snow trails are open but unfortunately there is not enough snow to ride. There is snow in the forecast for Friday and next week as are cooler temps. With just a few inches you could get a good ride on the Seeley Hill trails.

Most lakes have had the stakes pulled or are in the process. ... Swamps and wetlands are no longer froze so even with the forecasted snow the wetlands and swamps will still be unusable.

Our last update noted all surrounding counties are closed except Bayfield, Bayfield County Snow and ATV trails are now closed as well, as are the trails in the Chequamegon National Forest.

We will continue to update as the forecast progresses and hope to ride a bit more before we move to the next season. Thank you all for checking back!

Click here to view the full-size map!

Click here to view the full-size map!

*Trail conditions will be updated as changes occur!